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  1. Zulunos Reply

    Jul 24,  · “I am deeply revolted by the overt hypocrisy of those who lean towards 'do what I say, don't do what I do'. That we are where we are is the obvious reflection of people who consider themselves exempt from the rules that apply to ordinary people,” said the anonymous elected official, translated from French.

  2. Shakami Reply

    Revolt definition, to break away from or rise against constituted authority, as by open rebellion; cast off allegiance or subjection to those in authority; rebel; mutiny: to revolt against the present government. See more.

  3. Tojashicage Reply

    – Vietnamese led by Lê Lợi revolted against Chinese occupation. The Bohemian Hussites begin a rebellion against both Catholicism and the Holy Roman Empire. The wars that ensue are known as the Hussite Wars. Tepanec Civil War a Mesoamerican revolt after a Tepanec king, Tezozomoc, died. – First Irmandiño War.

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    Jan 01,  · We Have Revolted, a song by weasel walter quartet on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics drivmaylycharmavenleresincnokeepdy.coinfo Duration: 11 min.

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    Jul 31,  · Lena Dunham says her body ‘revolted’ under COVID The year-old creator and star of “Girls” gave a detailed account on Instagram of what she said she experienced after testing positive.

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    Jul 31,  · We Don't Have To Worry About 'Tenet' Anymore, As The Film Can Still Open On Labor Day Without New York And L.A. Home. News ‘X-Men’ Expose: Bryan Singer Described As Exhibiting “Monster” Behavior & Cast Almost Revolted After Hugh Jackman Set Accident. Rafael Motamayor. July 31, pm. News.

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    revolt verb (PROTEST) C2 [ I ] If a large number of people revolt, they refuse to be controlled or ruled, and take action against authority, often violent action: The people revolted against .

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    whether the colonists should have revolted against Great Britain. Topic Background At the time of the Revolutionary War, public opinion varied about whether the colonists should revolt against Great Britain. Those who encouraged revolt were called Patriots. Some wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain and were called Loyalists.

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