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    Mar 11,  · Julia Roberts has been accused by her sister-in-law Jyl Moder, for being responsible for the break up of Danny Moder's first marriage 16 years back. The allegations imprinted in the year-old costume designer's rehab diary paints a rather dark picture of the 'Pretty Woman' actress.

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    Matthew "Matt" Williams (died ) was the younger brother of Danny Williams, uncle to Grace Williams and Charles Williams and a man who appeared in Loa Aloha (episode). He appears to be friendly with his brother's ex, Rachel Edwards. He is a stock broker in New York. He traveled to Hawaii on vacation but his brother later learned he was suspected by the FBI of fraud. Danny .

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    Jasmine " Jazz " Fenton is the older sister of Danny Fenton, the titular character of Danny Phantom. Viewing herself as the most rational and normal member of the family, Jazz often plays a surrogate parental role to Danny, thinking he is a naive child in need of guidance, unaware that she is often smothering him.

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    Danny introduces Rachel to his sister Krista, and Rachel is shocked by their physically close relationship, which is highly abnormal for two adults who are brother and sister.

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    Daniel "Danny" Desai is a year-old alleged murderer and sociopath in his town. At age 11, Vikram Desai, murdered his own sister, Tara Desai, while she babysat Danny, Jo Masterson and Lacey Porter. Danny was wrongly convicted and placed in a juvenile detention facility for the crime because his father convinced him to take the blame for it.

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    Mar 04,  · Danny was the son of Regis and his first wife, Catherine “Kay” Faylen. His parents were married from to His maternal grandfather was actor Frank Faylen. Danny was also the brother of Amy and half brother of sisters Joanna, and Jennifer “J. J.” from his father’s second marriage to Joy Senese.

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    Apr 13,  · Mama Ray shoos her away. That's when oldest child Danny decides to take her out on the boat. At the time this happened, Sarah was 10 years old, John was 14, and since Danny was the oldest brother.

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    The only time women appear in the novel are brief scenes in which Danny's mother and sister are present. Reuven briefly mentions being interested in Danny's sister, but we don't even learn her name. Reuven's deceased mother is only casually mentioned, as is Reuven and Mr. Malter's Russian housekeeper, Manya, who, when she first greets Reuven on.

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